PHL63 Casino Slot Machine Symbols Explained

Want to play but don’t know what the special symbols are for slot machines? Which symbols trigger which bonuses? What is thread count? What is the pay table? Let PHL63 explain the basics to you so you can easily get started and start playing!

Magkakaroon din ng mga karagdagang reward depende sa uri ng laro. , ay ang pinakasikat na simbolo sa mga multi-line slot machine.

Wild symbol

Wild symbols can replace anything in the game except scatter marks. Wild symbols are divided into locked wilds, expanded wilds, moving wilds, stacked wilds, random wilds, etc. The larger the number of items, the greater the chance of winning. It is one of the most popular symbols among players. Different types of wild symbols will be introduced below.

Lock wild

Locking the wild means locking the wild symbol on the board and continuously rotating the remaining symbols. As more wild symbols appear along the way, they will continue to be locked and remain on the board, greatly increasing the chances of connecting.

Extended wild

When any wild symbol appears on the board, it expands into a full-reel wild symbol, giving the entire reel of the slot game the opportunity to connect with other symbols, increasing your chances of winning.

Go wild

Moving the wild will change its position, but it will not leave the board on subsequent turns until it is removed from the reels. It usually moves sideways in a horizontal direction until it disappears from the reel.

Stacked and versatile

Stacking wilds means the game increases the probability of wilds appearing on the board, and the symbols fall vertically. This wild symbol can increase the volatility of the game and increase your chances of winning.

Random Wild

Random wild means that wild symbols will appear randomly on the board, increasing the chance of connecting to score points.

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Scatter symbol

Scatter symbols do not have to follow payline rules. Bonuses can be entered whenever certain numbers appear in the online casino. Today, just collect up to 3 scatter symbols to get a free game. There are additional bonuses depending on the game type. , is the most popular symbol in multi-line slot machines.

Bonus symbols

In addition to scatter markers that trigger free games, some slot machines now also add bonus markers. Whenever bonus symbols appear, special games can be triggered such as collecting bonuses, double points on bets, re-spins, and more.

Winning line

Payline refers to the number of lines on which you can win. Traditional slot machines only have one payline. But as the variety grows, so do their paylines. Members can select specific paylines for purchases. Currently, there is only one payline on the market. Most slot machines are “multi-line slots” so be sure to check how to connect before playing.


The paytable is the probability of a symbol winning. Generally speaking, small prizes in slot machines are calculated based on odds. The higher the value of the bet, the bigger the bonus. The paytable will explain each in detail. What are the odds when symbols connect, the way the symbols connect is closely related to the payline

In summary

Now do you understand what the different symbols mean? Come and try PHL63 Casino!