Privacy Policy – Phl63

Phl63 Casino promises that all your information will be kept absolutely confidential and comply with the principles of information security and network information security stipulated by current laws. We have technical and security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to player accounts by unrelated parties.

When Phl63 subsequently modifies or supplements the terms of this agreement, you fully understand and accept these terms. Phl63 reserves the right to modify this Agreement or any part thereof at any time. It is your responsibility to review and periodically review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to ensure that you agree to the foregoing and that your continued use of the Site constitutes acceptance by you, the customer, of the terms as amended or supplemented in the Agreement.

General rule

This Privacy Policy is formulated to protect your rights and safety. This policy covers the use of personal information that you provide when using our services. When you become a member of Phl63 website and participate in our website service, you accept and abide by the requirements of our privacy policy.

Collection and use of personal information

Phl63 has the right to collect personal information of players, including: name, email, phone number you provided when registering on the website. This collection is not intended for clients visiting this site for reference and research.

Phl63 collects and uses players’ personal information only to serve the process of players using services on the website. We may use your personal information to confirm transactions, send necessary system notifications, prevent forgery…

Privacy statement

Phl63 promises to keep the personal information of players absolutely confidential, and will not disclose any information to third parties without the consent of customers. All relevant information is sent only to the exact email address and phone number provided by the player. If the account holder cannot be identified, the request to retrieve the information will be denied.

All employees of Phl63 must sign a commitment to abide by the “Customer Information Security Regulations” even if they no longer work in the company.

Betting and Bet Acceptance Process

We only accept bets placed via the internet or devices that comply with these terms and conditions. Bets not received by any other means (whether by post, email, fax or otherwise) will be void regardless of the outcome.

Phl63 reserves the right to reject/deny and suspend any member suspected of fraud, intrusion, attack, manipulation or damage to the normal betting process without prior notice. Any unusual bets placed, including the use of software, virtual spies or “robots” on the internet will be void without prior notice. Attempts or actual use of virtual espionage by members will result in cancellation of their account.

Player Rights and Obligations

During the process of joining and using Phl63 services, players have the right to ask us to call their information for verification, and have the right to ask us to update new information. If you have any questions about the information or need a new update, players can contact our customer service department via the hotline for support…

For information security, players are also responsible for protecting their own information and not disclosing or sharing information with third parties. We will not bear any responsibility for the problems caused by the disclosure of player information.

Personal Account Management

Keep your user name, account number and password safe and confidential from unauthorized access or use, and ensure that you change your password immediately or notify us if your user name, password and account number have been compromised in any way.

You are solely responsible for all activities that occur when you access and use the above-mentioned services through this website or equipment under your name, account number and password, whether such access or use is authorized and whether you know it, and any damages arising therefrom We will not compensate for the loss caused by the use of the account by a third party, and the customer shall bear full responsibility.

These terms and conditions are effective from March 16, 2016, if you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, timely adjustments or any other applicable regulations, you will not have the right to use or access Phl63 services.