Responsible Gaming – Phl63

Phl63 To ensure that users have a comfortable experience on the site, users need to be aware of their responsibilities when participating in the game, the most important of which is to have a clear and complete understanding of the economic harms and social behaviors associated with uncontrolled gambling.

For most of our users, gambling means entertainment, fun and excitement. But we also know that for some of our users, gambling can have negative consequences. Medically, pathological gambling has been considered a serious illness for many years.

We’ve been thinking about this since day one and trying to help as best we can.

Protection of minors

To use our services, you must be at least 18 years old. To avoid abuse, please make sure your login data is not stolen by any minors near you.

We mainly recommend a filtering program to avoid minors, especially children, from accessing any content on the Internet, which is not healthy for them.

It is illegal for you to open an account or place bets with Phl63 if you are under the age of 18. We take this issue very seriously and have implemented random verification and testing measures. If a person under the age of 18 is caught gambling, they will be fined or even called the police.

Set deposit limits for yourself

Before you start gambling, think about how much you can afford to gamble based on your financial situation. The amount of games played is for fun and entertainment.

Don’t try to recover losses at all costs

Try not to take huge risks and do whatever it takes to win back what you lost. Games are played for fun not for money.

Set yourself a time limit

Set yourself a time limit and don’t break it. Remember that gambling should be balanced with your other hobbies, not your only one.

By participating in Phl63, the player undertakes not to use or access the website, services or information for any purpose that is illegal or inconsistent/violating these terms and conditions. In addition, users need to commit to the following in order to use the service:

  1. Does gambling interfere with or interrupt your work or meetings with friends?
  2. You bet to escape boredom rather than to pass the time?
  3. Have you been betting alone for a long time?
  4. Have you ever tricked someone into getting money or time to play a gambling game?
  5. Have you ever borrowed or stolen money to gamble?
  6. Have you ever gambled all your money or lost all your assets?
  7. Has anyone criticized or criticized your betting?
  8. Have you ever lost interest in your family, friends, loved ones and forgotten about your hobby because of gambling?
  9. Have you ever lost money on a bet and wanted to try to profit from it?

Under ‘Responsible Gambling’ we understand the multi-step measures that gambling providers can take to help reduce the likelihood of negative side effects. Phl63 also tries to take aggressive measures against them if they are present.